{ Re-Imagining ORMUS }
perspectives from 4,000+ years of Siddha Medicine
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Art Tarbi
Timeless Wisdom Alchemy
clairvoyant energy healer, dharma teacher, mystic, alchemist

+ The substance we call ORMUS is one part of a family of substances of ancient origins.

+ The western world-view and acronym ORMUS limits our ability to know the breadth and complexity of these substances.

+ These substances affect consciousness and the awakening innate natural abilities, called siddhis.

Here’s your chance to be in a community of dialogue about expanding our paradigms beyond the western limited models and expanding the potential of your alchemy + life

  • Explore a way of looking at reality that is expansive and highly practical.
  • Learn about ancient techniques for gathering the materials and ingredients for muupu aka ORMUS.
  • Learn about Applied Subtle Body Mechanics.
  • Tap the experience and wisdom of seasoned alchemists for tips + tools.
  • Share your story and participate in a community of learning.

JOIN seasoned alchemist and clairvoyant, energy healer Art Tarbi, with host Marla Durden for a community dialogue filled with information and inspiration for your journey.