ORMUS/ORMES is a group of elements in a different state of matter. It occurs naturally in the air, water, soil and our bodies. Loss of topsoil and the minerals that are the foundation of all life means that we no longer have access to the nutrition we need to truly thrive… until now… and then (the ancients knew of ORMUS).

Everyday, people just like you are experiencing the benefits.

  • Increased energy and drive
  • Heightened sensory perception
  • Expansive meditative states
  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • More vivid dreams
  • Inspired creativity
  • Prolific plant growth
  • Animals thriving
  • Greater health and well-being
  • Increased manifestation skills

Its not magic, its life force.

Images of ORMUS in Action

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ORMUS – What is it?

An overview

by Barry Carter
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There are many mysterious and magical things that have been recorded in history. The Biblical manna, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fountain of Youth, Orgone energy, prana, chi, the Holy Grail, the Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant are a few of these things. It looks like these things and more might be related to a new class of materials that have been identified and described in the last few decades.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some gold mining on his land.  Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them.(1)

Other researchers were also making similar discoveries around this same time but Hudson was the first to get information out to the public about his discoveries. During the early 1990s Hudson toured the United States giving lectures and workshops about what he had found. Transcripts of portions of three of David Hudson’s lectures are available on the Web. The most complete of these transcripts is the transcript of his Dallas lecture and workshop.(2)

The materials that David Hudson discovered appear to be related to the things I listed in the first paragraph of this article and to concepts of modern physics like superconductivity, quantum coherence and Bose-Einstein condensates.

These materials have been called ORMEs, monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna. David Hudson calls the materials he found Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs.  He also refers to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state.

Since Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, and since it has not been conclusively established whether these materials are monatomic or diatomic, it is recommended that the terms ORMUS and m-state be used when referring to these materials.

The ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state.  The following elements have been identified in this different state of matter (these elements, with the exception of mercury, are listed in Hudson’s patents):


ElementAtomic Number

All of these m-state elements are quite abundant in seawater. They also seem to be present in most rock, fresh water and in the air. According to David Hudson’s research, these elements in their m-state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts.  There also may be other elements that occur naturally in the m-state.

Various researchers, working independently, have identified these materials in this different state of matter.  They have arrived at many of the same observations. These m-state elements have been observed to exhibit the quantum physical behaviors of superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation.  It looks like these are an entirely new class of materials.

These m-state elements are also present in many biological systems. We believe that they may enhance energy flow along the acupuncture meridians and in the microtubules inside every living cell.(3)

It appears that this state of certain of these elements has been known throughout history.  Several of the procedures for extracting or making ORMUS have been adapted from ancient alchemical texts.  We believe that the Philosopher’s Stone and the Biblical manna may be variations on this state of matter.(4)

Some recommended alchemical texts related to the Philosopher’s Stone are “Sacred Science” by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz and “Le Mystere des Cathedrales” by Fulcanelli. Another source is “Occult Chemistry” by Leadbeater and Besant. The premier treatise on the subject may be “The Secret Book” by Artephius(5)

There is evidence that the m-state elements are associated with the “dark matter” that astronomers look for in space, the Earth’s magnetic field, healthy soil, weather phenomena like lightning and that they are essential minerals for all life on Earth.(6) Certain properties of the m-state materials seem to be related to consciousness itself.(7)

A number of methods for obtaining the ORMUS elements have been devised in the last several years. The easiest of these methods is to raise the pH of clean ocean water to 10.78 and no higher, then wash the resulting precipitate three times with distilled water.(8)

At this time, our knowledge of the nature of these materials and how to work with them is still at a very early stage. Any person with an interest in doing scientific work with them would most likely be able to make significant discoveries with a little effort. A number of email lists and local workgroups have been started to allow people to work together in this exciting field of discovery.(9)

It is my firm belief that, once it becomes widely known, the discovery of the ORMUS materials will be heralded as the greatest scientific discovery in human history.

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