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Here are the alchemists, the mystics, the herbalists and the aromatherapists whose hard-earned wisdom, commitment, tenacity, curiosity and now mastery we get to experience. Some of the products created by these talented individuals are amongst the most effective and highest quality you will ever have the benefit of experiencing.

Kirsty Cummings


My mom introduced me to ormus about five years ago. I was working in healthcare at the time so was rather skeptical, but I couldn’t argue with the positive effects ormus had on me, especially the increased clarity of thought. With a background in research and a lifelong obsession with skincare, it was a natural progression for me to then devote countless hours to researching the many potential benefits of using ormus externally.


Kevin Hay


This is Kevin…

“The myth of using only 15 percent of our brain is exactly that, a myth. We use all of our brain. All of it. Our brain has a similar function to that of a crystal refraction or a piezo reaction. It separates magnetic wave forms, and then combines opposing magnetic waves into an electromagnetic reaction. This is bio-electricity. The conduit for this reaction, the transfer mechanism between the chemical and the mineral and the bio-organic transfer of energy, is through this Orbital Reaction.

Our brain has two hemispheres for this reason. It couples these wave forms at the same frequency as the longitudinal waves on our planets surface, 7.83 Hertz. This pulse induces the reaction necessary to de-couple the chloride bonded inductive materials in our bloodstream, which provides the transfer of inductive fields into the mitochondria, the power plant of the cell, allowing the bi-toroidal reaction of the ATP conversion to take place. The process involves stripping the magnetic bond off the ATP and kicking it back out in two pieces.” ~ Kevin Hay


Tim Eck


One of the wonderful things about ORMUS and our community is that we are a community of grass-roots seekers, alchemists, and curious experimenters. Some amongst us are like the science nerds back in 8th grade who almost blew up the lab in their zeal and enthusiasm in testing some new idea or concept.

Tim Eck of Eck Tech is such a man. Young, highly prolific, curious and ingenious, this very creative alchemist produces some of the most creative ORMUS and alchemy products available today. I have long admired his relentless commitment to his craft and the way that he goes about performing it. In his best-selling book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell tells the story of an experiment in which people were divided into 2 groups. One was tasked with creating the perfect ceramic pots. They set about to meticulously create the perfect specimens. The second group was tasked with making as many ceramic pots as possible.They could take as long as they wanted, but in 2 weeks they would share their results. You know what happened? The group that made as many pots as possible came out with the most beautiful pots. Moral of the story? According to these findings, the future of Ormus is in good hands with Tim Eck and others like him. Being prolific, producing day in and day out, pushing our creative edges allows us to learn more. Practice makes perfect as they say.



Ty Nippert


 I was first introduced to Ormes by Mehoo early in 2009 and later that year started working for him. It was the coolest job I ever had and now can’t imagine not doing it. I have been the active alchemist here for 3 years.

Now my daughter’s in it with me and on top of maintaining Mehoos booming little business we are expanding into our own, as well. It’s fun (mostly).


Denis Cooney


Based in Currumbin on the Gold Coast Australia, Denis is an alchemist and metaphysician, who has studied extensively and practiced utilizing the dynamics of the invisible realms that effect us as humans, including astrology, numerology, dowsing, elemental typology etc. His business background includes marketing of nutritional supplements, healthy lifestyles and promotion of personal development education and community awareness.

After a sky diving accident 23 years ago, he woke up 5 weeks later in hospital to find both legs in traction, his left arm in plaster, bandages around his head, no memory of anything around the event and his brain working at 20% of original speed and cognitive abilities. Denis miraculously reclaimed his quality of life and overcame a prognosis of permanent brain damage by using various healing modalities.


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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

~ Arundhati Roy

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