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Ray Hamilton • Thomas Geckler • Peter May • Sharon Rose Ingersoll

Here are the alchemists, the mystics, the herbalists and the aromatherapists whose hard-earned wisdom, commitment, tenacity, curiosity and now mastery we get to experience. Some of the products created by these talented individuals are amongst the most effective and highest quality you will ever have the benefit of experiencing.

Ray Hamilton


Ray Hamilton is a creative and prolific alchemist with a generous spirit. He has a way of connecting dots in the simplest, most elegant of ways that leave me saying to myself…”of course, why didn’t I think of that… makes sense.” Ray’s products are like this. They do what they are supposed to do and always seem to give a little extra… extra nutrition, extra life force. Prolifically creative, Ray offers many products to the ORMUS family. Dedicated to his craft, Ray is always working to perfect his creations and brought us a breakthrough product in his Life Force Energy ORMUS – Alignment.

Ray, along with Sharon Ingersoll, was one of the founders of the original Alchemy Sampler. Having worked on this entire project myself this Spring, I have great respect and appreciation for the work he and Sharon put into making this service to the ORMUS community and world a reality. Thank you Ray for your leadership, creativity, generosity and wealth of knowledge.

What is ORMUS

Peter May


Embodying the love of plants and music throughout his life, Peter began distilling essential oils in 2006. That same year, he began playing on and co-producing the Grammy award winning album Crestone with Paul Winter. Peter creates acoustically-tuned plant and mineral alchemies with essential oils, and offers them in his Sound Journeys, to support increased awareness and healing on the levels of body, energy, and mind. His Nature Fusion band The Sonic Apothecary is composed of human and plant musicians, and offers Healing Journey Concerts around the country.

A sensitive alchemist with an intimate relationship with Nature, Peter, tunes his products to 528 hertz; sustainably wildcrafts with conscious forest stewardship in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado; and sources his mineral salts come from pristine waters in the Atlantic Ocean.


Windhorse Botanicals

Sonic Apothecary

Thomas Geckler


Thomas Geckler’s contribution to the ORMUS community is beyond measure. Thomas was the organizer and sponsor of the first modern day conference on ORMUS, the famous ENOTA in 2009, and went on to do the same in 2011 and 2013.

A visionary, gifted alchemist, healer and teacher of the highest order, Thomas, like Barry Carter, has been one of the standard bearers for ORMUS who has given us years of dedicated leadership and openness in sharing recipes, ideas and inspiration.

Thomas is also the founder and progenitor of the world-wide TheraPhi community, using a ground-breaking healing technology that is providing PROFOUND healing to people all over the world.

Thomas formulates with the pristine water from the Dahlonega River near his home in Dahlonega, GA in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cherokee Gold

Sharon Rose Ingersoll


Another veteran alchemist, Sharon Rose Ingersoll is part alchemist, part earthmother wise woman, part mystic. She is a woman who has overcome extraordinary adversity with grace, knowledge and wisdom. The consummate alchemist, she knows her stuff and shares her skills and gifts generously.

Sharon lives ORMUS and has some pretty amazing skills and knowledge to match a great big generous heart. Sharon’s products always seem to embody an elegance that is other-worldly. The skill and sensitivity with which she formulates is extraordinary and you can feel it and experience the effectiveness of her creations.

A visionary, Sharon started the Alchemy Sampler in 2011, along with Ray Hamilton and handed over the reigns to me in 2017.

She continues to help many in the ORMUS and other communities by sharing her wealth of knowledge almost daily in the many groups and forums she participates in.

An natural empath, Sharon is also a skilled Animal Communicator whose work helped and comforted many.

Quintessential Ormus

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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

~ Arundhati Roy

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