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William Bull • Sharon Rose Ingersoll • Tim Eck • Trevor Polinsky + Kristopher Grove • Thomas Geckler • Kevin Hay • Ron Holman • Ray Hamilton • Marla Durden • Steve Johnson

Here are the alchemists, the mystics, the herbalists and the aromatherapists whose hard-earned wisdom, commitment, tenacity, curiosity and now mastery we get to experience… everyday people with extraordinary interests and gifts. Some of the products created by these talented individuals are amongst the most effective and highest quality you will ever have the benefit of experiencing. Coming from different walks of life and experience, each offers something unique.


Thank you to the Makers who contributed to the Alchemy Sampler in 2019!

William Bull + OrmusTech

Product: OrmusTech Concentrated ORMUS
(* In honor of Barry Carter)

alchemist +
place: Northern California, USA
favorite saying: “There’s always a way.”

William is the deeply spiritual and infinitely practical producer at Ormus Tech. He takes his boat out and harvests Pacific Ocean sea plasma, extracting the ORMUS through alchemical process. The result is not only a very potent product, but one that has an an imprint of Love that is palpable. William created this formula in honor of his friend Barry Carter.

William also makes a VERY POPULAR ORMUS toothpaste that you’re gonna want to check out as well.

Here’s William’s explanation of what ORMUS is from his website:

It is believed that Ormus elements are meant to be an integral part of our physiology, from our skin, nails and hair, all the way to the blood, brain and the rest of our organs, into the DNA structure itself. Ormus elements are believed to restore the original DNA structure, possibly even assisting in its evolution.

Without access to these basic Ormus elements, the body uses whatever it can to complete its makeup, even to the point of accepting inferior materials to complete and maintain its living structure. Nature abhors a vacuum and therefore makes do with whatever is available.

The Ormus elements in the high-spin state are energetically drawn into the deficient structure, filling voids and replacing the substandard elements previously used in the absence of Ormus elements. The structure of the immune system, for one, is optimized by this process.

The implications of this are enormous. For example, where there is plentiful Ormus in the body, surprisingly rapid healing of damaged skin and muscle tissue has taken place, with minimal scarring.

This would indicate the increased efficiency of healing-energy transfer and increased new cell-growth response to the damaged tissue. It is easy to understand by extrapolation that increases of this type could naturally extend the normal healthy lifespan.

As scientific research sheds more light on additional measurable characteristics and reproducible behavior of Ormus in the human body, we hope to see the development of new applications for Ormus technology in treating a wide spectrum of deficiency-related disease.



Sharon Rose Ingersoll + Quintessential Ormus

Product: Frankincense Unguent

alchemist +
place: Northern California, USA
favorite saying:
“Slow and steady wins the race.”

Animal communicator, aromatherapist, herbal formulator par excellence, Sharon is a true gift to the ORMUS community.

Another veteran alchemist, Sharon Rose Ingersoll is part alchemist, part earth mother wise woman, part mystic. She is a woman who has overcome extraordinary adversity with grace, knowledge and wisdom. The consummate alchemist, she knows her stuff and shares her skills and gifts generously.

Sharon lives ORMUS and has some pretty amazing skills and knowledge to match a great big generous heart. Sharon’s products always seem to embody an elegance that is other-worldly. The skill and sensitivity with which she formulates is extraordinary and you can feel it and experience the effectiveness of her creations.

A visionary, Sharon started the Alchemy Sampler in 2011, along with Ray Hamilton and handed over the reigns to Marla Durden in 2017.

She continues to help many in the ORMUS and other communities by sharing her wealth of knowledge almost daily in the many groups and forums she participates in.

An natural empath, Sharon is also a skilled Animal Communicator whose work helped and comforted many.



Tim Eck + Eck-Tech

Product: 33 Salt Black Seed Live Oil 
(* In honor of Barry Carter)

alchemist +
place: Boulder, CO
what he looks like from here: “There’s so much fun to be had, and so little time.”

One of the wonderful things about ORMUS and our community is that we are a community of grass-roots seekers, alchemists, and curious experimenters. Some amongst us are like the science nerds back in 8th grade who almost blew up the lab in their zeal and enthusiasm in testing some new idea or concept. Tim Eck of Eck Tech is such a man. Young, highly prolific, curious and ingenious, this very creative alchemist produces some of the most creative ORMUS and alchemy products available today. I have long admired his relentless commitment to his craft and the way that he goes about performing it. In his best-selling book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell tells the story of an experiment in which people were divided into 2 groups. One was tasked with creating the perfect ceramic pots. They set about to meticulously create the perfect specimens. The second group was tasked with making as many ceramic pots as possible.They could take as long as they wanted, but in 2 weeks they would share their results. You know what happened? The group that made as many pots as possible came out with the most beautiful pots. Moral of the story? According to these findings, the future of Ormus is in good hands with Tim Eck and others like him. Being prolific, producing day in and day out, pushing our creative edges allows us to learn more. Practice makes perfect as they say.

Trevor Polinsky ∙ Kristopher Grove + Inlightened Alchemy

Product: cannabinoid infused oil

alchemists +
place: Wisconsin, USA
A commitment to quality and joy for life.

Inlightened Alchemy combines the understanding of the endocannabinoid system with the knowledge of plant medicine to offer the most beneficial hemp infusions on the market.

Trevor –

After graduating High School, I got an Associates degree in Liberal Arts from Madison College and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from University of Wisconsin – Stout. After graduation I did an internship with the top incubator / accelerator VC firm in Madison, where I worked side by side with founders of top up and coming companies in the mid west and learned much about how to operate a successful business. Having an interest in working in a health conscious field I got a job at a new organic health food conglomerate but after a buy out, the culture was not what it was intending to grow into and ended up leaving to pursue other opportunities. The knowledge, skills, and experience I gained while observing a multi-million dollar company manufacture food products on a commercial, industrial level would be invaluable to understanding logistical growth of operations and how to scale at a organic, healthy, sustainable rate.

After leaving the health food sector, I began learning about ORMUS and practicing different techniques of preparing mana. I also picked up a part time job at a crystal shop that happened to sell CBD products. After realizing customers appeared to be overpaying for inferior quality products I reached out to some of my own contacts in the hemp industry and began bottling up full spectrum hemp extract infusions in different carrier oils and played around with specific terpene blends for targeted ailment relief.

Kristopher –

Prior to founding Inlightened Alchemy I was focused upon my practice that involved massage, sound and energy work. Having a passion for seeing my clients gain more quality of life, it did not take long to realize how effective honoring our Endocannabinoid System is in this task. Sadly I came to realize that not all of the CBD oils that are on the market are not the same and some of my clients were taking a chance on oils that did not have a therapeutic value, which they so desperately needed.

While this was going on, my friend Trevor had been researching the difference between extracts and helped educate me about the business that he was building. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Inlightened Alchemy and feel blessed for being able to do so. We focus on providing the highest quality hemp extracts on the market as well as focusing on educating our customers about the power of their own bodies, as well as a means to affordable medicine that can give them the power of their health back.

Thomas Geckler + Cherokee Gold

Product: Starfire White Gold Manna Ormus
(* In honor of Barry Carter)

alchemist +
place: Dahlonega, GA
often heard: “This is about changing the world.”

A licensed Medical Professional (Physician Assistant for 37 years), Thomas has a long history of involvement and leadership in the OMRUS community. Thomas was the organizer and sponsor of the first modern day conference on ORMUS, the famous ENOTA in 2009, and continued to play a major role in the 2011, 2013 and 2016 events.

A gifted alchemist, healer and teacher of the highest order, Thomas, like Barry has been one of the standard bearers for ORMUS who has given us years of dedicated leadership and openness in sharing recipes, ideas and inspiration.

He has taught many how make traps and has videos on how to make ORMUS powder… he shares his knowledge generously. Thomas’ StarFire White Manna is a direct descendant of the originators’ formula, John (no relation to David) Hudson. It’s made from potent source material, Azomite, Dolomite and Volcanic Sand. Thomas warns not to use more than an 1/8 of a teaspoon once daily and suggests a starting amount as little as 1/16 tsp, or just a pinch. He also suggests taking your single dose in the morning so you don’t have an energetic night (unless that’s what you want).

This is POWERFUL stuff. It is mind expanding, causes demonstrable changes in brainwaves which have been associated with out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and healing. This is concentrated manifestation in a jar.

Thomas places all of his ORMUS creations in the RADIANT PHI beam.

The RADIANT PHI™ Cold Plasma Field Device generates electromagnetic fields by means of two plasma tube antennas. A plasma tube antenna is a type of radio antenna in which plasma is used instead of the metal elements of a traditional antenna.

What is a Cold Plasma?
A cold Plasma is an ionized gas that functions as an excellent conductor of electricity that is affected by magnetic fields. Plasma like gases have an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume.

Think of a plasma as the fourth state of matter. The first three states of matter are solids, liquids and gases.

Theraphi and PHI Beam Healing Community on FaceBook

A friend with advanced skills in radiasthesia tested this ORMUS and the results were outstanding. This Manna lives up to its name and carries clean frequencies. This is yet another verification for us of what experience bears… it is a high vibration living substance. Enjoy!

Kevin Hay + Vancouver Island Ormus

Product: ASINE aka VIO Ocean Mineral Substrate

alchemist +
place: Sooke, British Columbia CANADA
favorite quote: Our brain has a similar function to that of a crystal refraction.”

This is Kevin…

“The myth of using only 15 percent of our brain is exactly that, a myth. We use all of our brain. All of it. Our brain has a similar function to that of a crystal refraction or a piezo reaction. It separates magnetic wave forms, and then combines opposing magnetic waves into an electromagnetic reaction. This is bio-electricity. The conduit for this reaction, the transfer mechanism between the chemical and the mineral and the bio-organic transfer of energy, is through this Orbital Reaction.

ormus, alchemy, barry carter, alchemy samplerOur brain has two hemispheres for this reason. It couples these wave forms at the same frequency as the longitudinal waves on our planets surface, 7.83 Hertz. This pulse induces the reaction necessary to de-couple the chloride bonded inductive materials in our bloodstream, which provides the transfer of inductive fields into the mitochondria, the power plant of the cell, allowing the bi-toroidal reaction of the ATP conversion to take place. The process involves stripping the magnetic bond off the ATP and kicking it back out in two pieces.” ~ Kevin Hay

Ron Holman + Anu Alchemy

Product: Anu Alchemy Ormus

alchemist +
place: Southern California, USA
noticed: “Love is the way.”

Dr. Ron builds bridges between spirit and the traditional corporate health care communities. He owns and operates a licensed HMO in California. Dr. Ron is also an Ambassador of Maha Siddha Alchemy.

Traveling the world since 1995, Swaha Ron sought the secret to spontaneous remission of disease. During this heart-felt quest, he received knowledge and experienced healing and energy transmissions beyond words to describe. He is connected to immortal yogis in South India who have given many of their Alchemical Secrets to him.

Maha Siddhas are perfected beings who have dissolved the mind-created distinctions between the body and the soul/consciousness.  Discerning from Mother Nature, the Maha Siddha Bogar has given Navapashanam, Maha Siddha Herbs, and Sapphire & Pearl Basmam-medicinal ash. Navapashanam is the source of the ‘Fountain of Youth’ legends.


Ray Hamilton + Ormus Minerals

Product: Ormus Manna-Festation  (* In honor of Barry Carter)

alchemist +
place: Boise, ID
overheard: “I’m always looking for ways to improve.”

Ray jumped head long into formulating and producing quality ORMUS products in 2010 and never looked back. We are the recipients of his passion and purpose. He is a creative and prolific alchemist with a generous spirit.

Ray and Ruth Hamilton started Ormus Minerals in 2010. They have since then made gallons of Ormus and searched the globe for top, quality ingredients to further improve it. The feedback they receive results in a growing list  of repeat customers. What they have heard from their customers,  is that they have experienced improved health, clearer thinking, and pain relief.

Ray, along with Sharon Ingersoll, was one of the founders of the original Alchemy Sampler. I have great respect and appreciation for the work he and Sharon put into making this service to the ORMUS community and world a reality.

Endorsement by Dr. Daniel Nuzum.
“My name is Dr. Daniel Nuzum. I am a Naturopathic and Nephropathic Physician. I use Ormus Minerals Ocean Nectar, Ormus/Magnesium oil spray, and essential oil/Emu oil/Magnesium. Oil solution with phenomenal results. I highly recommend the clinical and personal use of these products from the experience that I have had both clinically and personally.”

Marla Durden + materia.prima

Product: open space spray

alchemist +
place: Seattle, WA USA
“Be like water.”

ormus, alchemy, barry carter, alchemy sampler,Producer of the Alchemy Sampler and creator of this website, a lifetime of study in natural and energy healing modalities brought me into relationship with ORMUS for its profound nutritional, emotional and spiritual benefits. Years ago I owned an aromatherapy and wellness product company, creating and selling high quality, all natural products at a time when they were difficult to come by. This experience taught me much about business, about people and about the importance of nourishment in every aspect of our lives.

materia.prima is a seed project to once again develop products that nourishes us deeply… mind, body + soul.

“This is why alchemy exists,” the boy said. “So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold.” 

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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