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The secret is out. Discover what millions of people around the world already know. ORMUS is the missing link in nutrition… it is the “fifth element”.

There are minerals… long missing from our food supply, that can heal and correct DNA, manifesting in greater intelligence, expanded awareness, well-being and significant healing.

It’s like an all natural, slower acting, readily available form of the pill from the movie Limitless.

Be careful what you ask for.

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The Alchemy Sampler

The Alchemy Sampler is a sample box of high quality products made by alchemists and ORMUS researchers. In one box, you get to try generous portions of some of the most nourishing products available today. 

For the small investment of $39.99 (U.S. orders) or $49.99 (Int’l orders) you can experience generous portions of some of the best ORMUS products available w/ FREE SHIPPING.

Introducing Alchemy Sampler

Spring/Summer 2018 Edition – Dawn of a New Day 

The Alchemy Sampler is a sample box of high quality products made by alchemists and ORMUS researchers. In one box, you get to try generous portions of some of the most nourishing products available today. 

 $39.99 (U.S. orders) or $49.99 (Int’l orders) w/ FREE SHIPPING.

(ASINE) Atomically Separated Inductive Natural Elements
Kevin Hay
Vancouver Island Ormus

White Powder of Gold
Ty Nippert
Mother Earth Alchemy US

Multi-Mineral Colloidal Complex 
Tim Eck

BlackGold Face Mask
Kirsty Cummings

Space of Grace Spray
Denis Cooney
Ormus Elixir of Life


BlackGold Face Mask
 AlkemiaModerna | www.alkemiamoderna.com Kirsty Cummings brings us the beauty with the BlackGold Face Mask. It is a powerful skin detoxifier, combining the skin tone evening and deeply nourishing benefits of gold with the skin clearing and acne fighting benefits of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, white willow bark powder, and a blend of lavender and clary sage essential oils. This is purification along with deep nourishment, resulting in rejuvenated and smoother skin. Compared to some of the best on the market, this small-batch, hand made creation will give your skin the love it needs. “Love so much I have a tendency to use it more than once a week just because how it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean.” – marshal8katrina “Excellent product. Cleanses face really well. Draws out impurities. “ – Fiona Turner 1 fl. oz | Retail Value: $15   
(ASINE) Atomically Separated Inductive Natural Elements
Vancouver Island Ormus | vancouverislandormus.net Kevin Hay is someone you are want to watch. Huge brain with a big heart, Kevin’s ORMUS rings with the resonance of a true master. Kevin tells us that working ORMUS opened him to knowledge about the workings of nature and how scientifically these elements behave. To create his potent mix, Kevin uses pristine source materials and exacting procedures to insure the quality and purity of his product. Kevin will explain in his own words… “whatever the name, the compounds are the same. These compounds are the material bridge between chemistry, biology, and the physics of matter, through scalar vortices that bridge all material, space-time, and even thought. These compounds are everywhere. They are in the water, the soil and even in the air that we breathe. But what are they? What are Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements? And, why are they so abundant? They are a result of a combined inductive and acidic reaction, a reaction that dis-attaches a single atom of an inductive element and attaches it to a chlorine molecule in a hydride solution, and then, causal reactions, like gravity, inertia, and electromagnetic oscillations, decouples this bond in an alkaline state, inducing a hydrofugal torsion reaction due to the polarization of this inductive particle, this atom. This becomes a high spin-state particle, a material oscillating, inductive, conductive, gyroscopic, atomic, reactive compound.” more at Kevin’s site here… What I know is that Kevin’s creation makes me smarter by magnitudes. I think more clearly and expansively. In my opinion, the Sampler is worth it for this product alone. 1 oz Sample | Retail Value: $6
Multi-Minerals Colloidal Complex
Tim Eck – Eck-Tech | https://shop.eck-tech.com This is a combination of 52 .999 Pure Colloidal Tim’s MULTI MINERAL COLLOIDAL Complex is an imperial blend of ALL the metal colloids with the exception of Lead and Thorium. They were left our of this elixir because the majority of people don’t want to take those minerals everyday. He gives us the nourishment to spark synapses, feed the nervous system and enhance clarity. Immediately, I felt like more solid, stable in some subtle way. This was followed by clarity and an almost Zen-like sense of calm wellbeing. Gold, rhodium, iridium, platinum, ruthenium, copper, molybdenum, titanium… it’s all in there. This is nourishment for the nervous system and energy body. CREATIVE TIP: Try adding a few drops to spring water or colloidal copper and spray on your face before moisturizing. 1 oz. | Retail Value: $18
White Powder Gold
Mother Earth Alchemy US | www.motherearthalchemyus.com People who know ORMUS, know that really good water and source materials along with a clear centered mind make the best manna. It doesn’t get much better than the mineral rich hot springs of Hot Springs, MT.  Ty Nippert makes this potent creation with a combination of methods including John Hudson’s WPG method (WPG = White Powder Gold) and Barry Carter’s wet precipitate method. Using a combination of source materials, it also contains other important trace mineral elements necessary for brain and nerve functions and rebuilding DNA/RNA including m-state iridium and m-state rhodium. “Clear and focused concentration.” “I feel and look amazing in just the initial two days after using this product. Manna gives my skin, eyes, face a quality that nothing else can do. Can’t wait to see what else might happen. I love alchemy!” “The best product around nothing compared to I try many products yours is the best of all the rest.” 4 gms | Retail Value: $15
Space of Grace Spray
EARLY BUY BONUS – LIMITED SUPPLY (ALL GONE… sorry) Ormus Elixir of Life | Ormus-alchemy.com Denis Cooney brings us an instant aura and space cleanser that is a vibrational treat to cleanse your space and aura. The ‘Space of Grace’ spray CLEARS the VIBRATIONAL SPACE of people, places or things .. Instantly! Denis blends vibrationally imprinted ORMUS with the loveliest of essential oils – frankincense from Oman and lavender from France. A master at working with planetary energies to imprint his ORMUS, Denis puts great intention and energy into every creation. “It’s a QUICK FIX for the ‘Shabby Vibration’ left when a ‘Tacky’  low vibe person has been in your home or car.” ~ Denis Cooney Quick spray of the Space of Grace will have your car, living room etc all vibrationally bright and sparkly again. Some clients have even sprayed their grumpy boss’s office, (chair and desk) and reported how nice the boss was for the next few days. The Space of Grace ‘magically’ elevates the mood and feel of any person, place or thing it touches. 250 ml | Retail Value: $41
Domestic U.S. Orders $39.99 with FREE shipping

International Orders $49.99 with FREE shipping

Meet the Makers


Thank you to the talented alchemists who made this Alchemy Sampler possible (left to right):

Kirsty Cummings, Kevin Hay, Tim Eck, Ty Nippert, Denis Cooney

They say that adversity is the mother of invention. It is a maxim that bears truth very often in life. Many of us find our calling out the need to heal or in the midst of chaos and change. This is so for many who choose the path of alchemy. There are yet others who are led by some inner, nagging curiosity present their entire lives… the chemistry nerds who were always pushing the limits in class… you know the ones. Some come with long interests and skills in aromatherapy, herbalism, natural healing, etc… making alchemy a natural progression in their knowledge and growth. And, there are even those who belong to ancient secret brotherhoods pushing the edges of consciousness and longevity.

These are the alchemists, the mystics, the herbalists and the aromatherapists whose hard-earned wisdom, commitment, tenacity, curiosity and now mastery we get to experience. Some of the products created by these talented individuals are amongst the most powerful and highest quality you will ever have the benefit of experiencing.

What they all share is a thirst for knowledge and the gifts that it brings… health, well-being, expanded consciousness, higher intelligence and longevity. What these gifted souls have discovered, studied and experimented with are the superconductive mineral nutrients of ORMUS. Their commitment is our good fortune. Enjoy!

Meet the Makers…

“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

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