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The following is a description of biodynamics from notes taken during a talk by guest speaker Deb Cantrill at the Soil Association of South Australia General Meeting held on the 25th of January 2001:

“Biodynamics is a fairly modern method, originating from a series of lectures given by the spiritual philosopher Rudolph Steiner in 1924. Steiner presented concepts and directions which farmers developed, through their experiments and research, into Biodynamics. The growth of Biodynamics was slow. There was a fear of being misunderstood. Now it is becoming more open.

The Biodynamic method is simple. Understanding it is not that important. It is based on the interconnectedness and dependence of the living network. ‘Bio’ is life and ‘Dynamics’ is the connections. Well structured soil is incorporated into the ecosystem. The farm is viewed as a living organism. The farmer works towards a closed self-supporting system supplying its own fertilisers through recycling and rotation.

Specific preparations, a small part of Biodynamics, act to increase the vitality of plants, soils and nutrient cycles. Growers learn to observe Nature’s cycles with open eyes and intuition. Where Nature is weak, enhance it.”

The principle methods of biodynamic (BD) agriculture involve burying a mixture of plant, animal and mineral substances in a cow horn for a period of time and taking the resulting substance and mixing it with water by stirring the water one way till a vortex forms then reversing the direction of stirring. This is repeated several times. Timing is a crucial factor in the preparation and application of these BD preparations.

You can read more about biodynamics theory at:

And through the BDnow email discussion group on

I think that the importance of ORMUS in the biodynamic method is very great but understanding how these interactions work is going to take some time and research. In the biodynamic/ORMUS connection I believe that the most important thing to understand is the concept of “quantum coherence”. I define quantum coherence as the ability of certain congregations of quantum scale particles, like atoms, to behave coherently as single atoms.

We are familiar with quantum coherent behaviors in the coherent light of lasers and in the behavior of superconductors.

In a sense, biodynamic preparations are quite similar to homeopathic remedies and the mechanism of their creation has some striking similarities. Homeopathic remedies are produced using succussion which is defined below:

Succussion is the process of agitating a freshly diluted solution by rapping its container hard against a hard but elastic object such as a leather-bound book. Hahnemann believed that succussion released dynamic forces from the diluents which were preserved and intensified with subsequent dilutions.

The stirring of biodynamic preparations and succussion both create vortices in the liquid medium.

In his Australian patent David Hudson wrote:

                        “All of the electron pairs in their lowest energy state, unlike single electrons, can exist in the same quantum state. When that uniform quantum state is achieved, the electron pair can not only move with zero resistance around the monoatom, but also can move with zero resistance between identical ORMEs that are within approximately 20 A° or less of each other with no applied voltage potential. When a macro system of high purity, single element ORME achieves long-range quantum electron pair movement, that many-body system according to the present invention is defined as an S-ORME system.

                        An S-ORME system does not possess a crystalline structure but the individual ORMEs will, over time, space themselves as uniformly as possible in the system. The application of a minimum external magnetic field will cause the S-ORME system to respond by creating a protective external field [“Meissner Field”] that will encompass all those S-ORMEs within the 20 A° limit. As used herein, “minimum external magnetic field” is defined as a magnetic field which is below the critical magnetic field which causes the collapse of the Meissner Field.”

In other words, it is important to get a group of ORMUS atoms into close enough proximity in order to have the effect of quantum coherence become evident.

I believe that the action of the vortex concentrates these atoms in the center of the vortex. Once they are concentrated, they should start to exhibit quantum coherent behaviors like superconductive magnetic levitation. It looks like this might be the case. The latest confirmation of this comes from Justin Szymanek who has invented a way to use a continuously circulating vortex to “charge” ORMUS rich liquids like grape juice. His method is described at:

Our magnetic trap designs also take advantage of this principle to concentrate the ORMUS rich portion of water. You can read more about magnetic traps at:

The underlying principle which appears to establish quantum coherence in an ORMUS rich liquid may have been postulated in the 80s by Dr. Ning Li. She proposed that a group of atoms spinning coherently on parallel axes would exhibit an effect like anti-gravity in line with the axis of spin. You can read more about Dr. Li’s theory at:

Dr. Li’s theory got some experimental confirmation in the early 1990s when Eugene E. Podkletnov, a Russian materials scientist then at Tampere University of Technology in Finland, reported that gravity is attenuated above a spinning superconductor. You can read more about Podkletnov’s experiment and its replication on the following web pages:

The gravity attenuation effects seem to be related to the rate of spin of the superconductor and the frequency of the electromagnetic field which was magnetically levitating it. According to Podkletnov’s paper, “[t]he shielding force depends on the rotational speed of the disk and has a tendency to increase with the speed of rotation.” A non-rotating superconductor would still have a very small gravity attenuating effect. (“The sample with the initial weight of 5.47834 g was found to loose about 0.05% of its weight when placed over the levitating disk without any rotation.”)

Rotation speeds like this can be achieved in micro vortices with succussion or when reversing the direction of stirring a BD preparation.

Once quantum coherence is established in a sample, through what I call “spin coherence”, the coherent system of particles appear to become “entangled” so that changes made on one of these particles are echoed in all of them. This is the “spooky action at a distance” that Einstein suggested might result from certain implications of quantum theory.

You can read a story on how quantum entanglement implies instantaneous communication at vast distances here:

Here is a germane quote from this page:

“By contrast, according to quantum mechanics, an experimenter could entangle a pair of particles, separate them by vast distances, then instantaneously change the state of one by changing the state of the other – even at distances of millions of light years.”

Thus we have a postulated communication mechanism which is not limited by time and space. Quantum coherent resonance has been identified in ORMUS concentrates. Here is a quote from the GCT web site at:

“During the development phase of the propulsion system it was observed that two separate plasma powered prototypes exhibited identical and simultaneous plasma field discrepancies when operated simultaneously. These simultaneous resonance couplings persisted regardless of the shielding used to separate the two devices, including Faraday cages.

We believe that it is possible to build custom plasma field units that are capable of transmitting and receiving messages by resonance-tuning them through the ZPF. In our view, the exchange of information between the devices is accomplished through the medium of the Zero Point Field, and is not dependent in any way on the exchange of conventional electromagnetic energy.

Real time exchange of information over extreme distances can be accomplished. For example, communication with a spacecraft orbiting Mars can be an interactive experience, with no speed-of-light time lag between transmission and reception.”

Biodynamic principles suggest that a very small amount of information, such as that contained in a biodynamic preparation, is capable of changing the growing behavior of an entire orchard or field. In a similar way, the quantum coherent regions produced by succussion in a homeopathic preparation will carry the information in the source material throughout the water of the remedy and eventually throughout the body of the person who takes the remedy.

In essence, the spin coherent ORMUS particles are acting as the carrier for the information in the preparation or remedy. The analogy I like to use is that it acts like the radios in a fleet of taxis. When the dispatcher keys his radio to all of the taxis and tells them to change lanes, they can all change lanes at once.

Masaru Emoto, a researcher in Japan has demonstrated that crystal ice formation in water can be influenced by sound, written words, and even by thought.

I suspect that the ORMUS elements hiding inside icosahedral water molecules may be the radio in my analogy. When these ORMUS radios receive the command to “change lanes” they put out a resonance that changes the shape of the surrounding water molecule.

Thus, using ORMUS rich substances like paramagnetic rock dust can be beneficial but it depends on which ORMUS elements are present in the rock dust, how concentrated they are and how quantum coherent they become in the process of use.

There are other factors involved too. I have seen some evidence that a simple paramagnetic rock dust will change its paramagnetic measurements over time due to exposure to certain subtle energies. Here is a report of some observations I made on this on Tue, 25 Mar 200311:20:38 -0700.

As an aside, last Sunday we took some muscovite mica (which is often associated with metallic gold and is suspected of containing ORMUS gold) and tested it with one of the Callahan paramagnetism meters sold by Pike. The mica measured +5 or so at first but gradually climbed to +27 over about 20 minutes. Since I suspected that this curve might mirror the paramagnetic to diamagnetic curve I saw in my jumping gold sample I suggested to the people who were in the room that it might go down toward the diamagnetic end of the scale over time. It stopped at +27 for a while and then very gradually dropped to -5.

The colleague who has the Pike paramagnetism meter will be replicating this experiment with a video camera on the meter so that we can describe the rising and falling curve of another identical mica sample.

Since we parted he has noticed that adding a few grains of the mica to a basalt dust sample will significantly increase the paramagnetic reading of the dust but it too will then significantly decline over time.

The jumping gold sample that I referred to can be seen in a short video at:

At first we were concerned that the Pike meter might be drifting so we put a pure basalt sample in a clean 35 millimeter film container to check this out. This sample held rock steady for the entire time.

Another colleague has embedded a test tube full of tap water in a bowl of muscovite mica and measured the viscosity of the water in the test tube over time. He noticed that the viscosity dropped at first then started rising.

Dr. John Milewski has been drinking water which comes from a water bottle embedded in “magnetite” for five days. He collected this “magnetite” from the desert near his home in New Mexico. He has noticed a profound difference in this water and has noticed that his hair color is returning. You can read his story on this at:

So it looks like the paramagnetic/diamagnetic properties may change over time due to exposure to environmental factors. Plus others have suggested that they may also change due to astrological factors.

We are only beginning to develop techniques for identifying the individual ORMUS elements in a substance and are just getting a glimmer of an idea about the many ways in which they can be “charged” or “informed”.