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Alchemy Sampler is semi-monthly product sampling program that introduces members to the world of ORMUS, alchemy, alchemical and nutriceutical formulations.

There is a grass-roots, open source movement of alchemists, herbalists and healers exploring the deeper nutrition and properties of deep ocean minerals currently missing from our diets. Reports of extensive and considerable shifts in health, emotional outlook and spiritual awareness are not uncommon. This grassroots “movement” has found leaders emerging as vendors and producers of these products and demand is only growing as people discover and learn first-hand the unique beneficial properties of these substances.

The Alchemy Sampler was the brain-child of Sharon Rose Ingersoll, a long-time ORMUS aficionado and well-known, admired and highly-skilled, aromatherapist and herbal healing maven. She started the Sampler in 2011 as a way to introduce ORMUS and alchemy enthusiasts to a variety of products. In March of 2017, she passed the torch to Marla Durden.

Marla Durden

I came to ORMUS about 7 years ago when I found out about it through a video posted on YouTube by the Raw Food World. Intrigued, I ordered some immediately and discovered first-hand the unique properties of ORMUS substances. I found that my plants began to thrive and grow faster and needed less water. My dog brightened up and had a better temperament and I began to have more energy and a broader perspective on life. A great surprise came as I watered my hybrid, double-headed roses with ORMUS water. The next season came and the roses had reverted back to their original characteristic of having single-headed blossoms. This demonstrated for me, what I had heard about ORMUS affecting DNA. I have found it to be remarkable in how it intelligently works with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to bring healing and transformation.

When Sharon Rose Ingersoll and I began having conversations about my taking over responsibility for the Alchemy Sampler, it was clear that this was and is much more than a business. Sharon and team had and continue to pour heart and soul into their work and the ORMUS community. This is about introducing these extraordinary substances to the world. Imagine what the world would be like if we all had access to the healing beauty of ORMUS.

Years ago, through a series of fasts coupled with deep meditation, a vision of calling to serve the greater good was born in me. I held this vision as things around me seemed to fall apart, only to find that the structure of my life was being rebuilt one brick at a time to accommodate this vision. It is my belief that the Alchemy Sampler is part of this vision. I am honored to be able to serve the ORMUS community and the world by bringing the power and beauty of these substances to others and by supporting the alchemists that create them.

We will continue with the tradition of supporting the “ancestors” by contributing a portion of each Alchemy Sampler campaign to support the work of Barry Carter, the librarian and vision holder for the ORMUS community.


Sharon Rose Ingersoll

In 1995 I was bit by the Alchemy Bug when I stumbled on a secret meeting of chemists, physicists and all-around smart people. They twittered gleefully about David Hudson’s ‘white powder gold’ and ‘spin state’, which to my ears sounded like children at an amusement park. I wanted in, but there was no access. Five years later I heard these words again originating from Barry Carter and I jumped in both feet, even though I knew not what I was getting into. Meeting Barry and Ormus early 2001 was the most pivotal event of my life.

By 2010 I was entrenched in the Ormus Community and still just as enthused by the potential of the Ormus phenomena as I was in the beginning. I envisioned a way to serve the community, the alchemists and Barry Carter – the founder of the movement. The idea was to provide samples of alchemical products, for a nominal fee, to the community so people would have the opportunity to experience Ormus in some of its many manifest products. In this way the Alchemists would be spot-lighted, people would have the opportunity to experience and explore, and Barry would receive a portion of the proceeds.

The Alchemy Sampler project was a significant success for all. People loved being able to sample a variety of products in a single, affordable package; the Alchemists were introduced to new customers and Barry Carter received befitting financial tokens of appreciation for his decades of service. It was also a lot of work and I garnered a team of 3 people to help get it done. We did a total of about 5 campaigns over a 2 year period.

After the passing of my friend Rene, I stopped doing the Sampler because it was too much work for me. I was also developing my own line of Ormus products, and running tests on Live Oil (see http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/Oil-Leak.htm). I did just one more Sampler in early 2016 by myself and later that year I knew it was time to pass this project on to more capable hands. The hand of divine providence brought the perfect person to me who is dramatically more capable than I, and who has both the Ormus chops and technical savvy to take this project to the next level. Marla Durden is also spiritually adept – something she and I have spent hours discussing.

I have no doubt the inspiration for creating the Alchemy Sampler was divinely given. Also, I now understand that while I initiated the project, I was really just a place saver for Marla who will take this into a renewed manifestation. What was apparent from our first conversation onward is her alignment with spirit and determined purpose in her life. My participation in the Alchemy Sampler which was born of a vision is now affirmed in Marla.

Marla, I am blessed to have had this opportunity to get to know you. We are definitely sisters in spirit. I am convinced that the Alchemy Sampler project is in the best hands possible and all who participate will be blessed by your efforts.

With Deep Appreciation,

Sharon Rose Ingersoll

Barry Carter

Barry Carter (1949-2018) was the go-to person for all things ORMUS. It is because of Barry that we are all here. Barry held the center of the ORMUS community from the very beginning and acted as administrator for MANY Ormus Forums and Face Book groups. He was responsible for the great library of all things ORMUS website, http://www.subtleenergies.com/.
Learn more about Barry here…

Ray Hamilton

A creative and prolific alchemist, Ray Hamilton partnered with Sharon Rose Ingersoll to create the original website for the Sampler. Thank you Ray for your commitment and support of the ORMUS community.

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