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The “One Thing” and What “It” Is

An exploration into the one thing, and its many variations and manifestations…
+ the differences between alchemy, ormus, and ormes

Tom Waters
Veteran alchemist and admin of the largest ORMUS FB Group + alchemist at Plantastic Health

Everything from the smallest unit of indivisible matter to a planet like Earth is a dynamo.

It’s called many things… manna, prana, Qi. ormus. Life Force, mupuu, orgone, BG3… its all the same thing. There are many ways to the One and the One is the many.

Join us for what is going to be a great conversation about Ormus and what it is. Tom will also share with us the distinctions between ORMUS, ORMES and Alchemy.

Gonna be a good one.


According to Ken Wheeler: Everything is the Aether.  A “Field” is an Aether perturbation.

All known phenomena is related to fields and pressure mediation.

Coherence (point source emission) and incoherence with magnetic material & light.

Electrostatic, (Counter Spatial) Electricity us a hybrid of megnetism and the dieelectric.

Magnetic, (Spatial) Gives all matter volume (Electricity is phenomena of these 2)

Light doesn’t travel.  Speed of light is a rate of induction. Light is a coaxial circuit, and an aether perturbation.  A longitudinal transverse wave.

Here’s your opportunity to connect the dots in a way that expands the potential of your alchemy + life:


Ormus:  What it is.  Prana, Chi, in the air water and food according to Barry Carter. (easily accessible)

Ormes:  What it is. White powder derived from metals and ores according to David Hudson. (patented methodologies of procurement) (Advanced metallurgy)

Alchemy:  What it is. Kingdoms and Generative Principle. System of correspondences, Philosophical matter, traditional art. The process of refinement. Fixing the subtle. Self Actualization.  (German (Dr. Reidel, and French Jean Du Bois (Philosophers of Nature) )

Learn more about Tom and his exquisite alchemy at: www.plantastichealth.com

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