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 “All of you have changed my life. Literally more than you can imagine. You helped me break boundaries of beliefs systems I had created in myself. The process I have been through is nothing short of a miracle. Good bad, wrong right. Its all a journey of imaginable and unbelievable expansion. This I am very grateful for.” ~ K.L.

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Kevin Hay – Vancouver Island Ormus
ASINE aka VIO Ocean Mineral Substrate – 1 oz
Precipitated and purified from the beautiful and mineral rich waters of Sooke Bay, CANADA. Brain food.

Thomas Geckler – Cherokee Gold
StarFire White Gold Manna Powder – 3 grams
Exceptional quality manna. Clear gold resonance. Energy, focus and joyful centered-ness. Thomas made this ORMUS in honor of his friend Barry Carter during the Scorpio full moon.

Ron Holman – Anu Alchemy
Anu Alchemy Ormus – 1 ml
A small package with a big punch. Three drops nourishes the energy body. Feels like happy children.

William Bull – Ormus-Tech
Concentrated ORMUS4 oz
Beautiful vibration of deep ocean plasma, mindfully gathered and purified during the Scorpio full moon.

Sharon Rose Ingersoll – Quintessential Ormus
Frankincense Unguent – 10 ml
Other worldly, transporting, nourishing. The highest quality frankincense you have ever experienced. (early buy – limited #)

Sharon Rose Ingersoll – Quintessential Ormus
Joint Rejuvenation Lotion – 1 oz
A lotion version of the world-famous uber effective Joint Rejuvenation Cream. This product has a near cult-like following for a very good reason It works!. (early buy – limited #)

Tim Eck – Eck-Tech
33 Salt Black Seed Live Oil 1/6 oz
Benefits of the amazing black cumin seed oil, amplified and enhanced by the minerals extracted in ORMUS live oil. Made in honor of Barry Carter during the Scorpio full moon.

Ray Hamilton – Ormus Minerals
Ormus Manna-Festation 4 oz
Super potent formula of a blend of the fabled John Hudson method and wet method. Thoughts become things… FAST. Made in honor of Barry Carter during the Scorpio full moon.

Trevor Polinsky + Kristopher Grove – Inlightened Alchemy
Cannabinoid Infused Oil – 1 ml
When you try this CBD you will never look back. This spagyric formulation is on another level, truly… “beyond full spectrum”, capturing all 565 beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant.

Marla Durden – materia.prima
Open Space Spray – 60 ml
Clear the field, open the space and bring balance to your mind and environment with this essential oil, gemstone and sea mineral infused spray. Lightly scented with lavender, rose and cedarwood essential oils.

Steve Johnson – Steve Johnson Art
Portrait of Barry Carter
In honor and gratitude for his years of dedication in sharing the life-enhancing benefits of ORMUS elements, we share a postcard print of the painting by Steve Johnson.


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