The ORMUS Community is celebrating Barry Carter, the man who held the center and helped grow a global community of alchemists and ORMUS enthusiasts. Although he has passed into the Ancestor Realm, we continue his legacy.

Please join us in remembering a humble master, who brought the world a most profound gift with his persistence and quiet determination.

Rest in Love Barry Carter!
Thank you for the gift you gave to humanity. You will be remembered.

Order this print to support the continuation of Barry’s work here…

In a hundred years, when they ask you who inspired you to replant the earth“was it Buckminster Fuller?”  You’ll just smile and say,
“No. His name was
Barry Carter.
~ Phil Mauersberger

a collaborative project by Alchemy Sampler, WindHorse Botanicals, Ormus-Tech, Idaho Organics F+C,
and Vancouver Island Ormus

coming soon Abundant Gardens for All – We are providing FREE Garden ORMUS + an educational guide with tips and tools to help you grow your best garden yet, participate in “guerrilla gardening”, or finally get that patio garden going. You only pay shipping and handling. We want you to PLANT!

coming soon Crestone, CO Charter School Garden Project – work with the children in an experimental garden to document process and results for as template for future projects.

I am turning the Alchemy Sampler into a Social Enterprise dedicated to ORMUS and lifestyles of wellbeing. We have many wonderful activities in store including the preservation of Barry Carter’s VAST library and more. 

Barry Carter Memorial Alchemy Sampler

coming soon The community is coming together to create something EXTRAORDINARY. Understanding the huge significance of this weekend’s full moon in Scorpio, some outstanding alchemists agreed to gather the beauty and love shared during Barry Carter’s Celebration and use it to inspire them in making special preparations in honor of Barry Carter’s selfless service and dedication.

So far we have some of the masters making something special for us to share. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have commitments for this special sampler, so far, from Thomas Geckler, Sharon Ingersoll, Peter May, Art Tardi, Denis Cooney, Tim Eck, William Bull, Ray Hamilton and MORE COMING! We are also including a sample of garden ORMUS to help you plant your garden.

As a very special gift, we are including a small print of this fabulous portrait by artist Steve Johnson. 10% of the proceeds from this Sampler go to help preserve and continue Barry’s work. 


coming soon

This podcast will have a 2hr format. This first hour will be free and the second for subscribers. 10% of the proceeds from the podcast go to support ORMUS education and research.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the prints go to support education and research about ORMUS.

Available in 3 sizes:

1) 5x7 digital print 

2) 5x7 museum quality giclee print

3) 12x18  museum quality giclee print