The ORMUS Community is celebrating Barry Carter, the man who held the center and helped grow a global community of alchemists and ORMUS enthusiasts. Although he has passed into the Ancestor Realm, we continue his legacy.

Please join us in remembering a humble master, who brought the world a most profound gift with his persistence and quiet determination.

Rest in Love Barry Carter!

Thank you for the gift you gave to humanity. You will be remembered.

In His Own Words


I was born on June 25, 1949. I have always been interested in science and spiritual things. I have worked as a woodworker for much of my adult life and the tool skills I learned have helped me in designing magnetic traps and other ORMUS extraction methods.

My previous job was largely concerned with improving computer communication for forest activists on the sparsely populated eastside of Oregon. I was also an electronic librarian for our BBS and web site. I collected scientific and legal documents of value to forest activists. I’ve become quite concerned that humanity is destroying the environment faster than it can repair itself. I feel that there are several ways that the ORMUS materials can help to reverse that trend. Many of the benefits of the ORMUS materials depend on the spin we give it when we introduce it to the world.

In 1976 I met a gentleman named Jim who was building speakers and doing electronic repair. I was also interested in building speakers at the time. I regularly sought Jim out and worked on various projects with him over the years.  In 1986 he invented an ozone generator which was much better than any other ozone generator on the market. I worked with him in building certain parts for this ozone generator for several years.

In 1989 I talked Jim into using the ozone generator he had invented to try to clean up a mine tailings pond. He was achieving success beyond our wildest expectations and getting more gold out of the waste than the mine had gotten out of the original ore.

He was also getting something else. Every time we talked he told me another incredible story about this weird snotty material that was collecting in the bottom of the charcoal tank. He told me about how this material disappeared in a flash of light when it was left in the sunlight to dry out.

I watched the extraction process a couple of times. A few weeks later while he was doing some work at the mine site, the ozone etched an o-ring on a PVC coupler and it sprang a leak. He reached up to tighten the coupler and the leaking ozone/gold/water jumped inside his hands. He tasted metal, started seeing a blue light and felt queasy. When he opened his hands gold fibers came out the backs of his hands. For about a week after this he glowed in the dark and left gold fingerprints on everything he touched. We called him Goldfinger.

After this Jim became very difficult to contact. Whenever I called him, the person he was staying with would say he was taking a nap. I was working on marketing the ozone generator at this time. I had a very good client lined up to purchase a license for an ozone application and my friend missed the appointment because he had fallen asleep and couldn’t be awakened. We lost the sale.

The man he was staying with, later told me that the doctors had diagnosed him as having severe lead and arsenic poisoning. The doctors said he had four times the lethal levels of lead and arsenic in his system, told him to get his affairs in order and “gave” him two weeks to live.

I heard about this eighteen months after it happened. I researched all the books I could find on heavy metal poisoning in the natural health literature. I eventually settled on a book on hydrogen peroxide. I took the book to him and insisted that he read it and try the chelation process that it recommended. He agreed and when I saw him next he seemed almost back to normal.

Just before he started taking the hydrogen peroxide he went to another doctor who tested for lead and arsenic. The doctor said he had twice the lethal levels of lead and arsenic in his system, told him to get his affairs in order and “gave” him two weeks to live.

Something kept him alive for a year and a half with these lethal metals in his system. When he had taken the hydrogen peroxide for about two weeks he started feeling better and stopped sleeping all the time. He also stopped having the psychic experiences and stopped talking to the “scientists” in his dreams.

My brother and I heard about an exhibit on gold at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and decided to take my friend to the exhibit. He was interested but seemed to be scared to death of gold. On the way up to the exhibit he told us an incredible story of his experience as a result of his exposure to the material that was with the gold, water, and ozone from the leaky fitting.

I tried to talk Jim into doing some research into these amazing materials he had inadvertently produced but he was so frightened by his experience that he would not touch them again. Eventually I dropped the subject and didn’t mention it to him again till events conspired to bring it back to my attention.

In the spring of 1995 another friend sent me an audiotape and said that I would be interested in listening to it. I put it on a shelf near the stereo and forgot about it. A month later he called and asked me what I thought. About what, I said. About the tape, he said. Gee I’m sorry I will listen to it right away, I said. I moved it to a visible spot on the stereo. A week later we repeated our dialogue. This time I thought, well, this guy is a good friend I should humor him. I listened to the tape.

It was Hudson’s Denver lecture. It blew me away. Everything Hudson said matched something in my friend’s experience. I decided I was going to let my friend hear this tape. The next time I was in Portland (in June of 1995) I took the tape to Jim’s place and asked him to listen to it. I was in town for a conference and couldn’t stay that day so I left the tape with him. The next day I came back and asked him what he thought about the tape. I don’t have a tape player is what he said. So I took him for a ride and we listened to the tape in my pickup.

While he listened to the tape I thought he was going to scramble his brains with his vigorous nodding. He confirmed that sure enough Hudson was telling it just like it was. We decided that it would be great to hear more about this. I contacted the friend who had sent me the tape and he said that Hudson was going to be in Portland the following month. What a coincidence. I bought us some tickets and on July 27 and 28 we went to Hudson’s Portland presentations.

After listening to Hudson we concluded that the material we had been getting from the early experiments with the gold mine waste was much more powerful and active than any of the material that Hudson had produced.

After the workshop we decided to try and recreate my friend’s earlier experiments. Since this time, Jim has developed methods to convert ORMUS to metal and metal to ORMUS. He can trap ORMUS elements out of mountain streams with a passive trap.

Since 1995 I have been working with others to develop theories about how this all works. These theories starts with Hudson’s theory but are much more comprehensive.

It is important that this gets to the world. It is important that no one single-sources any part of it. Jim’s ozone generator is one key to the transformation of these materials but there are many others.

I have been working almost full time on ORMUS stuff since 1996. After attending Hudson’s Portland presentation in 1995 I transcribed the entire lecture and portions of the workshop and put them on the internet. In early 1996 I got an incomplete transcript of his Dallas lecture from someone else so I finished that up and got it on the web. I also scanned and corrected Hudson’s patent and put it on the web around this time.

I also worked with Buzz and Binga to get the WhiteGold list started and active starting in February of 1996. I have actively participated in this list since that time. Many of the folks on that list are there because I recruited them from my web site and personal email correspondence.

I worked with Gary to get his information on line and I have worked with most of the other major players in the ORMUS arena. A colleague and I first visited the Essene in May of 1997 and we worked to make his Wet Method, Dry Method and Boiling Gold method available to people over the internet. I have worked with Jim for over twenty years and have made several of his ORMUS extraction methods available to people. Jim was the original inventor of the magnetic trap concept.

Based on Jim’s original design I have come up with five or six magnetic trap designs of my own and made them available on the internet.

I have shared information with everyone who is currently listed as selling ORMUS materials on my web site.

I also do many things which are not visible to everyone. I keep a database of people who have expressed an interest in ORMUS. I use this database to sort out who lives where so that I can set up local ORMUS email lists so that you all can get together and work on projects together.

In the last couple of years I have been traveling around and talking about ORMUS to any group who can afford to pay my way. I have given ORMUS presentations in dozens of cities in the US and Canada.

I get several calls a week from folks who want to know more about ORMUS. I also get about one visit per month at my home.

I am also encouraging and coordinating research into the nature of the ORMUS materials. This could be a full time job all by itself.

In a sense, I am the official greeter for ORMUS. I have gotten to know most of the contributors to this forum personally through private email and phone conversations. Whenever new people contact me I visit with them a bit and encourage them to get connected to the WhiteGold list and local ORMUS email lists.

Some of these jobs are things that anyone could do but some are things that no one else is in a position to do quite as well.

I am currently working 12 or 14 hours a day on this stuff and still there is much that is not getting done. I can see several changes that could be made in order to become more effective with the ORMUS work.

I want to do the things that I most enjoy, that I do the best and that I am the best person for. I have been living on savings for the past year and a half but these savings are almost depleted. If I am to continue my work with this I should figure out a way to make a living at it. One way that I can do this is to do more live presentations around the country (and around the world).

Here are some of my thoughts on what I want to do next: I want to do lots of presentations. I want to set up a non-profit funding structure for ORMUS research. I want to continue to help people get better acquainted with ORMUS individually. I want to finish my book on ORMUS. I want to have an ORMUS “convention” where we can all have an opportunity to get together and visit. I want to find a research coordinator who has the time and resources to coordinate ORMUS research. I want to get some administrative help with all of these projects.

It is my goal to get high quality ORMUS information out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible but I also hope that this information gets to people of good will first since people of good will are most likely to bring benefit to the rest of the world.

The implementation of all of these goals requires that we continue to recruit new people into the ORMUS movement. Please tell all of your friends about it. Spread the word about ORMUS as much as you can. Keep your eyes open for funding sources. Look for presentations opportunities. I will continue to make myself available for presentations and private conversations.