Kevin Hay
Vancouver Island Ormus
When plants are growing, they excrete hydrochloric acid at their root tips to break down minerals to render them into a water soluble form. This allows for the absorption of the materials that are used to induce bio-electricity in the cells through the photosynthetic reaction that is induced from sunlight. When plants die and decompose, these broken down materials are washed out by rainfall, coupled by the attraction to water molecules as they flow toward the ocean. When water evaporates, it leaves these metals behind, creating a high salinity deposit that occurs after billions of years of concentration.  Sodium is just one of the materials that bonds to chlorine, however there are many other elements that share this attractive bond. In fact, the entire periodic table is available in our planets oceans. Each liter of ocean water contains 35 grams of dissolved materials, most of which is sodium bonded to chlorine as sodium chloride, but there are also other metals, such as auric chloride or gold bonded to chlorine, as well as other noble metal that react and couple in a similar fashion.
 Our bodies use the same hydrochloric reaction to absorb similar elements. Our gastrointestinal system uses hydrochloric acid to break down the food that we eat, extracting the key elements that are responsible for the electromagnetic reactions inside of our cells as well as the formation of proteins that result in RNA and DNA formation. Our body’s electromagnetic response is based on specific elements that allow for the transfer of force functions inside of our cells. Specific elements such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and others allow for these electromagnetic reactions to occur.  This is why we use these materials in our electronic devices. This may also be why we have coveted these metals and used them for currency for thousands of years! Current and currency have a similar meaning.
 Our planets oceans are filled with these elements.  They have been pulverized over billions of years, broken down into their single atomic form.  The separation of metals seems to have been over-complicated by people like David Hudson, however these reactions are natural and very basic. It is actually very similar to the evaporation of water. When a water molecule is overheated, or overcharged, the molecular attraction inverts into repulsion, separating the molecule from the lattice network of a higher concentration of H2O as water. Evaporation is actually a repulsive electrogravitational effect. We can explain diatomic noble metals through the same functions and reactions that are observed with the evaporation of water. The change in appearance and structure of these metals can be compared with the changes in water as it evaporates from a liquid into a gas. This may be why Ormus elements have been described as “plasma state” materials, but this synopsis is incorrect as are most of the nontechnical evaluations made by David Hudson, a cotton farmer from Arizona.  Unfortunately, David did not have a technical background in electromagnetic engineering or an understanding of scalar or torsion interferometry, as he was certainly not a physicist, nor was he a technical chemist or a biologist.  He relied on other academics to formulate his own understanding of torsion mechanics and electricity and shared information that seems to have been repelled by the technical academic community.
 When noble metals are broken down into their base atomic form, they are no longer metallic in substance or structure. These metals in their atomic form would no longer resemble their metallic counterparts any more than iron oxide resembles steel.  When these atomically separated noble metals are applied to plants root systems, they are easily absorbed and increase the cellular functions by nearly 300%.
Agricultural food production systems have been compromised with genetically modified pathogenic materials, agrochemicals, pesticides and depleted soil. Vancouver Island Ormus provides the nutritional supplementation that is no longer available through these chemical food production systems. Vancouver Island Ormus products are naturally sourced, atomically separated, desalinated, condensed and sterilized before bottling. They are 100% natural, and are effective nutritional supplements for plants, pets and people!
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