{ Phosphenism }
the science of transforming light into energy

Sami aka Quentin Doree
alchemist, French ORMUS researcher, 17 year student of Phosphenism

Phosphenism is a system created by Dr. Francis Lefebure, a French doctor. It is based upon physiology, and gives the physiological keys of energy. The doctor showed that mixing thought and phosphens produce an inner alchemy where light energy is transformed into mental energy, and when specific rhythms are introduced into the thought, it gains tremendous potentiality. It superpowers thoughts and intentions leading to significant improvements in memory, ease of learning, spiritual insights and energy to power your goals.

Here’s your opportunity to learn a powerful science that expands the potential of your alchemy + life:

+ Phosphenism, learn what it is with examples of phosphenic mixing and its uses.
○ Phosphenism and super-learning
○ Phosphenism and spiritual development

+ Learn the importance of rhythms.
+ Discover the physiology of Phosphenism.
+ Learn how energy helps to perceive the invisible + empower our practice and life.
+ Learn about 2 elements that assist us in getting the most out of ORMUS.
+ Create better elixirs and help them work more powerfully.

JOIN seasoned alchemist, advanced student of Phosphenism and ORMUS researcher Sami aka Quentin Doree, with host Marla Durden for a community dialogue filled with information and inspiration for your journey.

About Sami: I have been doing inner research for a long time, since I was quiet young. My path is made by different traditions (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, some shamanistic traditions…) and masters I had the chance to meet, and have followed for many years. My view is to build bridge between traditions and approach which looks different, to focus upon what is shared between them, so as to build a perspective of unity. One of the system I studied for many years is Phosphenism.


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