• Increase cerebral capacities and synchronisations between brain cells
  • Accelerate and amplifying physiological processes
  • Improve mental abilities

What do whirling dervishes, merry-go-rounds, sungazing and the ritual swaying of Jewish prayer have in common? Phosphenes. 

PHOSPHENISM is a group of techniques which has the goal of increasing cerebral capacities through the use of a method based on physiological reactions: the PHOSPHENES, multicoloured patches which persist in the dark for three minutes and that can be obtained by focusing on a source of light during a short period of time. (Phosphenism.com)

Light is an energy that, when it hits the eye, triggers chemical and electrical reactions in the brain. This produces synchronizations between brain cells, accelerating and amplifying physiological processes. Focusing for a short time on a source of light brings extra energy to the whole of the nervous system, improving mental abilities (memory, ideas, creativity, initiative, etc.), and all the aspects of intelligence. (Phosphenism.com)


During our Alchemy Conference Call, Quentin informed us of what they are and how to mix them with thought and the myriad of benefits that come from these practices, including awakened perception, super learning, finding solutions to practical problems, connecting with the spirit of minerals and plants in alchemy, making decisions based upon the strength of energy and increased perception… and more.

In his own words, Quentin tells us that this system goes into two directions :

One is pedagogy, as using phosphens can lead to good memorization, association of ideas, creativity, development of intuition and higher aspect of the brain and really help students to learn quickly, and have good results. Light brings the best out of people, and by using phosphens, it allows for a harmonious inner development and awakens different potentialites. It’s especially very good for young people, as they have a very good cerebral plasticity, but it is good for everyone.

– Another one is initiatic, and open the way to create inner experiences, to grow in higher states of consciousness and to discover one’s inner world and the universe. This approach can be mixed with a tradition, or with a philosophical system, as energy alone is not enough. But energy introduced into a good system can produce very beautiful fruits.

The approach of phosphenism is very natural, as it uses physiological laws. We can find the approach they use in many traditions, like fixation of light, head sways, use of rhythms…

My perspective is one of a student of many years. I am not a teacher of phosphenism, and do not have links with the school of Dr Lefebure, nor do I speak in their name. I share experiences, what I understand, as a way to enrich you and to open perspectives.

What is also important is that if some keys can be easily integrated into whatever you do, phosphenism is a system by itself, and to give it’s most profound potential, it has to be learned “traditionally” by following a real teacher who has been correctly trained.