~ by Ron Talmage

Through the work of David Hudson we found out that Concord [Purple] Grape Juice ‘frozen concentrate’ contained Iridium, Rhodium, and Some Gold in the Monoatomic high spin state. David never did state how much Gold he found in the grape juice sample [as far as I know], but he did state that the figures for the sample he tested regarding Iridium & Rhodium. David did state that he felt that the benefits from the Grape juice were minimized by the high concentration of sugar in the grape juice. The one thing that made Grape Juice special, was that it was the only food David’s lab tested and found containing Monoatomic gold in the high spin state. Another issue was bio availability, David did not feel that most of the pure powder forms of the ormes was bio available. I believe that this was because he thought that the human body could use more than it actually could, as such it was rejecting some of the orme which made it appear to David as though it were not bio available.

Well that left us with a challenge, how to alter the grape juice so that there was less sugar and make the orme in it bio available.
Then came along a god & people loving, brilliant & pragmatic man with insight and a willingness to share, named Larry Schamber. Larry shared his brilliant idea with many people, one of them was me Ron Talmage. I used it for some time and found insights and developed it until I felt that I had made it both simple and very effective. After a while I found that my body did not crave the Grape Juice, so I concluded that I had consumed enough of the more abundant orme in it and it was time to move on to another form of orme [that’s another story].

Now the special things about this procedure is that anybody can do it and it costs only about $2 or less in US funds for three big glasses of a liquid that not only alkalizes the body but also provides Monoatomic [as defined by David Hudson] Iridium, Rhodium, and some Gold in some cases. David Hudson revealed in one of the interviews with him that Grape Juice Concentrate was the only food that he found containing any Monoatomic Gold. He also revealed that it contained one of the highest concentrations of Iridium and Rhodium found in any natural food source he had tested. The big problem was to make it bio available in an easy, safe and cheap manner. This was first done by Larry Schamber when he changed the chemical compensation of the Grape juice by adding common baking soda which is the household name for sodium bicarbonate.

Well, I had the insight to believe that the procedure could be refined and the intuition to do just that, and to ask the question of why the orme stayed in the frozen Grape Juice Concentrate and did not seem to stay in the other highly concentrated stuff. The reason it stayed in the concentrate was because of certain atomic boxes made by the atomic structure of certain sugar compounds and because it was frozen. The refinement of the procedure for me was in the following; I looked for grape juice concentrate with the least amount of additives and then refined the basic procedure to change the chemical boxes that contained the orme to where they opened up. At the same time altering the sugar to a neutral compound. I did this by taking 1/4 to 1/3 of a gallon of good quality water [at room temp] and putting it into a gallon glass container with a spigot on the side so that I would have a dispenser. Then I would take 1 fresh can of frozen grape juice and add it to the water and stir it a moment or two so that it was thoroughly mixed. Next I would take 1 heaping teaspoon [that’s the smaller of the two most common spoon sizes] of baking soda [sodium bicarbonate] and dump it into the grape juice and quickly give it a couple of spinning stirs and let it react.. Now when it reacts with the grape juice, it foams up real high and changes the color to a very dark blue. Then I would let it sit and the foam would go down, and then taste test to see if it was still too sweet. If so, then I would add a little more baking soda. Otherwise, I would consider it ready to drink. Every one should know that the reaction will be evidenced by a change in color from purple to blue, and that minimal sweetness is what I found best.
Later I developed a means of charging the orme in the modified grape juice. This led to an even more powerful product and I have shared some of the charged stuff with a couple of people, but believe that it is best to drink the uncharged stuff for awhile before charging it so that one’s body has a chance to adjust at a slower pace. The one person that I gave the charged stuff to that had not done this, had a healing crisis that put him to sleep for almost 48 hours within minuets of consuming the charged orme. Of course he woke up feeling better than he had in a long time, but that was not the point. I have also found how to imprint the orme in water, the combination of both is what is known as how to properly prepare it.

Special notes:
Please use 1 gallon glass jars when making the $2 monoatomic drink. The use of plastic is not advised.
Some people have tried the above recipe with grape cool aid and wondered why it did not do anything, cool aid is not grape juice! Others have tried it with liquid grape juice from a bottle, specified above is frozen grape juice made from concentrate. There is a reason for this! Just read the above again.
People if your grape juice is still sweet, then you are missing out on most of the orme. That means add more backing soda. I always taste test mine and add more backing soda if it is still sweet . If your version of a heaping teaspoon looks like a mountain, then one is usually enough and 2 is max. recommended.
Do not think that added fructose, sucrose, corn syrup [some names for sugar] etc. means that you are getting fewer additives. Quite to the contrary, when a company adds sugar, it is an indication that the grapes were not mature, and the added sugar will hold the orme in there chemical boxes. Also if the grapes were not mature then they probably contained very little orme to begin with.

Now, some people do not understand what a heaping teaspoon means. It means that the spoon looks like a mountain and you can get no more to stay on it. People that I had thought were very bright have failed to use more than a level teaspoon and said that they noticed nothing.
Some people expect to get high off of this stuff, orme unless charged has very little of the get high type of effects. If your desire is to get high, then climb a mountain, orme is not a drug!

Some people put the grape juice in the refrigerator or in front of the TV and expect the orme to stay in the container for day’s. Boy are they missing the boat. One if you store it in a place totally away from magnetic fields it will loose all of it’s orme in about 4 days and 8 hours. Now the thing is to drink it right after you make it. This is because once the chemical boxes are opened up and the juice is no longer frozen, the orme will start to leave and they will continue to do this until they are all gone. Some people do not understand that orme runs away from magnetic fields and that almost every electrical appliance know to man including an extension cord produces a magnetic field.

Next misconception is that charging and imprinting are one and the same. Well they are not. Think of the orme as a tape recorder with a built in rechargeable battery. You must first charge up the battery before you can record anything. Imprinting is recording. Now I tried to make some examples for people so that they could understand the value of charging and imprinting. First if you have been eating food with no orme in it, it is comparable to sand; next plain orme is like flour, and properly charged and imprinted orme is like a wonderful cake that has just come out of the oven. Orme loses it’s charge unless it is stored in a special container and the imprinting does not last for ever either. Think of what a piece of bread does when you leave it out of the package for a few day’s.

Now some people do not understand healing and the different bodies. If you consult the spiritual teachings regarding bodies, you will find that we have more than one. Most teachings indicate 4 or 5. Now if you heal one of the bodies, it effects the others. Orme is said to heal the spiritual body. Gold orme is believed to strengthen the spiritual body. Most people in Europe understand that for true healing to be performed the damaged area of the physical body must be rebuilt. This is commonly referred to as a healing crisis. I’ve been through a few of these and can say that they are not totally fun. It is wonderful when the damaged area is like new again, but it does not happen in most cases without some discomfort.